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H&M Operations Management is a family company that was founded by Hajime Oba in 2008. Hajime began his career at Toyota, working in a Kaizen capacity for over 50 years. Then in 1998, he began consulting for other companies and not long after, began teaching his sons, Hidet and Moto, the family business. Together, they brought Kaizen principles to companies. 


In 2008, the three men founded H&M Operations Management. At this company, they continued using Kaizen to improve operations at companies, working with a wide range of industries that include: automotive, healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing, appliances, food, and more.


In 2020, Hajime handed over the reins to his sons, who run H&M Operations Management today.

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Hajime Oba, although no longer with us (1945-2020), created H&M Operations Management in 2008 for three reasons:

  • To spread the wisdom of the Toyota Production System to more Clients

  • To Teach & Coach more People, including Himself.

  • To Create Interest in "Gemba" Walking the Shop Floor

Before starting H&M Operations Management, Mr. Oba worked for the Toyota Motor Corporation for over 40 years. He was assigned to Operation Management Consulting Division in 1986, but he always mentioned that his previous background, such as his assignment in South Africa, developed him as more "Super Generalist" of TPS, not just a TPS specialist.

In 1992, he started the Toyota Supplier Support Center. Through this organization, he became more interested in deploying TPS, not just in Automotive industries but also in manufacturing or service entities. 

He has been featured in many articles as sort of a mysterious guru, Mr. Oba was a passionate learner from the process and people on the shop floor. His "Humanity" is something our company is working to continue.

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