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Introduction "Structure" thinking

Updated: Mar 8

🔹 We focus on the "System"

There is a pattern of thinking that our founder and those who practice the Toyota Production System have when they operate the Genba. It’s not the words or the tools that make them unique. The “recognition of the structure” behind those words makes them unique. Even if we use the exact words, the structure behind them is different. For example, we are talking about the “System,” but do we have the same understanding of the word “System”?

🔹 Exploring the structure behind the Toyota Production System.

Here, we understand the Genba based on the dimensional aspects.

The elements of operations—Man, Machine, Material, Method, and Management—are recognized as the above structure. Then, standardization and Kaizen.

By focusing on the above structure, we avoid vagueness. Our activity becomes specific.

Note that many of the “structures” are not necessarily TPS-specific. Engineering, management, and other subjects provide many of the concepts. That is because TPS is not a stand-alone system. It is part of an organization's management. In today’s management, the agenda is becoming increasingly complicated. Yet, if we keep adding things, most organizations will collapse. TPS allows topics to integrate into reality by focusing on the structure and eliminating the waste within the concepts.

Last, this is not about generating another long list of words. You can adequately diagnose unfamiliar situations by developing understanding habits in this structure. It helps you discover and deepen your understanding.

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